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Game Services Photon Photon
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Photon Client for Marmalade Exports to: All Supported (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, etc.)Supported Versions: v7.xAPIDemos includedLoadbalancingThe demo client connects to a master server and shows how to create a room, join a random game and how to send and receive events within a running game.Photon Techniques Shownconnect Master server, connect Game server, raise events, receive events, create rooms, join rooms, matchmaking

Game Engines Irrlicht Irrlicht
  • FREE Irrlicht Engine is a cross-platform high performance realtime 3D engine written in C++. It features a powerful high level API for creating complete 3D and 2D applications such as games or scientific visualizations. It comes with an excellent documentation and integrates all state-of-the-art features for visual representation such as dynamic shadows, particle systems, character animation, indoor and outdoor technology, and collision detection. All this is accessible through a well designed C++ interface, which is extremely easy to use.

Game Engines Chipmunk2D Chipmunk2D
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Chipmunk2D is a simple, lightweight, fast and portable 2D rigid body physics library written in C. It’s licensed under the unrestrictive, OSI approved MIT license. My aim is to give 2D developers access to the same quality of physics you find in newer 3D games. I hope you enjoy using Chipmunk2D!

Promotion & Discovery Moments EDK Moments EDK
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Real world context directly correlates to mobile in-app behaviors. Our light weight and energy-efficient EDK framework empowers mobile developers to engage their users at the right place, at the right time and in the right mood. The EDK is available for iOS and Android.

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